Monday, 16 April 2007

London Nights

Again, I've left it a couple of weeks since I last blogged.

First of all, I must congratulate myself on catching up with loads of admin stuff over Easter - in particular all the numbers are now with the accountant who is presumably busy preparing the annual accounts. The company year ended last October and I must admit I have been wilfully putting it off simply because it is so much hassle collating all the spending.

Still, it is done now. Not only that, but I've actually sorted the numbers to date, so when it comes to later this year my task should be that much easier.

Also, I've talked about my document imaging setup before - the basic theory is that any letter that arrives gets scanned, indexed, then promptly shredded. My way of helping the environment (all our paper and cardboard gets recycled). Well, I found that one of the "indexy" things I could do was to perform an OCR scan (optical character recognition) on the documents. Seems to be pretty good, too, although since all the stuff I receive is printed that shouldn't be surprising. So everything should be more "searchable" now.

Having got everyting sorted over Easter, then (up before 7:30 every day), I spent last week up in London and spent four days at the clients. The trains were suspended through Basingstoke, so rather than bear the hassle of a replacement bus service I took a hotel for the week. Whilst nothing in central London could be described as cheap, I thought I did quite well getting a studio apartment for just £90 per night, and this right by Trafalgar Square. I couldn't have handled having to eat every meal out, so having a little kitchen area to prepare small meals was good.

Having some time on my hands, I had an excellent meal out with my friend Henry, where we ate at a place called Bodeans, whilst watching the Valencia - Chelsea game. Superb game, and not a bad steak either!

Thursday, too, I went football mad, having managed to get a ticket for the Spurs - Sevilla UEFA cup quarter final. Poor old Spurs, conceded two goals in the first seven minutes and very poor for the rest of the first half. Not a bad game, though, for a neutral such as myself, and Sevilla looked to be a cracking team. Maybe next year, Tottenham. Note to self - ticket price / booking fee of £74 is more than twice what I used to pay to watch Everton for the full season!

Quite a lazy weekend just gone, really there is lots of tidying to do in the garage/garden and I really should have done more. One thing we have done, however, is to arrange some private tutoring for sprog features. How she'll take to extra maths lessons on a Saturday morning is anyone's guess!

New dishwasher arrived today so I've got some work to do when I get home.

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