Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Taking it easy over Easter

Hey, hey, hey, its Easter and I feel bright and breezy having just had four days away from clients.

My totally restful long weekend included doing the company accounts (or at least, collating the data so that my accountant can prepare them) - and don't underestimate this, I've been putting it off for six months - plus, re-vamping my document image system (so as to allow searching within the letters I receive), clearing out half of the garage, and fixing Alice's bike.

On the plus side, we did get to treat ourselves at MacDonalds on Friday, something we never really do these days. Of course its bad for you, but once in a while? Also, we headed over to the Parish Lantern in Whiteparish yesterday for a decent-enough pub lunch, and stumbled upon their Easter Egg hunt in which Alice found two big Easter Eggs.

There we are in a nutshell. I think I was up before 7:30am every day, very sad even for me. Add to that I've been feeling under the weather for the last few days, just a cold but obviously now that the weather is warming up... Still, I now have no paperwork backlog and have sent off all necessary cheques, renewed all necessary subscriptions etc. etc.

Back to London today, although those wonderful Train people have ripped up all the old track in the Basingstoke area, and for something like 10 days over Easter absolutely everything that would normally run through Basingstoke (including me!) has been diverted onto buses. I braved the trip this morning - an extra three-quarters of an hour on my journey into London - but have decided to shell out some cash and to stay up in central London for the rest of the week, and not go home until Friday night. Ahhhh, the *real* Easter break!

I've arranged to meet up with a friend from the client's to watch Chelsea play tonight, and even managed to get a ticket (at the extortionate price of £71) to watch Spurs play Sevilla on Thursday. I think Wednesday will end up being a quiet night in, to save some money if nothing else!

Back home on Friday, to look forward to a weekend of progressing further on both the document image system and the garage clear out!

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