Thursday, 5 April 2007

What a crock

We've got a four-day weekend coming up, and I must admit I was thinking about getting a DVD to watch at my leisure (once the company accounts, and all the gardening are done, that is!)

I thought of getting the box set of the first series of Boston Legal. I have to admit that whilst I don't get too hung up on television in general, I do like Boston Legal. For all the storyline can be a bit "samey", there is definitely something about watching this modern-day crusader (Alan Shore) dealing with contemporaneous issues such as the war in Iraq, and arguing powerfully for the case of "good" (where, in general, the US government represent "evil").

Couple that with William Shatner (whom I'd never rated until I saw him in this) - hilarious and definitely not politically correct. Again, there it the political slant - he is a rabid Republican whom nobody can (should) take seriously.

It does, to some extent, partially restore one's faith in the USA - the success of the show no doubt reflects the audience's empathy with Shore's liberal tendencies. Of course this is in stark contrast to the positively hawkish stance which the USA projects to those of us who live outside of its borders. Although let's not get too excited - remember over 62 million Americans voted for Bush in 2004 - it wouldn't surprise me if the show's success was limited very much to the coasts.

Anyway, back to real life. The problem was, by the time I'd thought on to buy the thing, I'd never have got it delivered in time (my "preferred suppliers" are generally or Amazon).

However I thought I'd had a brainwave this morning - given that I'm at my client's office today and their office is only ten minutes walk from an enormous HMV at Picadilly Circus. I looked on HMV's web site and lo, they had the dvd in stock, and at pretty much the same price (about £18) as other online vendors.

So, on a bright, sunny lunchtime in central London, I headed up to HMV to make my purchase. Except that when I did find it in the shop, it had a £40 price label on it! What a crock! I mean, I know companies sometimes offer lower prices on the internet, but to charge twice the price in the shop????

Shame on you, HMV, I'll wait until next week to watch my DVD.

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