Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Spot the difference

Okay, you probably noticed that one tivket is for the week after the other. No points for this, its too obvious. Look more closely...

Spot it yet? Yes, just look at the price. One week, £156.10. The next, £188.00.

Spot any more differences? No, that's right, there aren't any. For exactly the same ticket, I pay £156.10 one week, then £188 the next.

To save you reaching for your calculator, that's an increase of £31.90, or 20.44%. That's the second increase this year. The growth in CPI, or Consumer Prices Index, which is what is used to determine inflation, was 2.8% in April. After a gap of three hundred years, it would appear relevant once again to use the words "stagecoach" and "highway robbery" in the same breath!

(I make light of this, but of course there is a serious point here. How can this increase possibly be justified?

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