Tuesday, 29 May 2007


I know, I know, ages since I wrote.

In my defence I've had another corrupted hard disk. Nothing to do with any of the computers involved in blogging, but it has been taking up time. Plus, the last couple of weeks I have been out in the garden a lot - starting to clear out the flower beds to make room for some flowers, if you catch the drift...

The weekend just gone was a bank holiday weekend, but apart from Saturday was a complete washout. I got some weeding done, but not much. It was so stormy Sunday that we kept on having power cuts throughout the night, so much so that we were all in bed by 10pm.

Life at the clients is very busy and quite stressful at the moment. Deadlines are looming, although to be honest the beauty about a technical role is that, given enough thought, a solution will present itself. Dealing with people, however, is altogether more complex..... (nuff said!!)

The people who maintain the email server for hurford.me.uk are still blocking my contact page, which is totally useless of them. Best use pete@hurford.me.uk if you want to contact me.

I promise I will write something before long (about what I've been up to, not just a rant about South West Trains!)

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