Sunday, 24 June 2007


Ah, well. Back a week and thoroughly fed up.

Full week's work last week (groan) although the bank manager will be happy since I'll be getting paid once again. But very tiring. I have been drinking the excellent tea I brought back from France, and on the way to the client's I bought apricot jam and unsalted butter on Monday, and have been buying fresh bread each day to have my jam rolls, but of course it isn't the same.

First weekend back to normal. It is J's birthday next week and she has been hankering after some walking shoes (she didn't really have the right gear on holiday, so she said) so we popped to Blacks yesterday and got her a really smart pair of Merrell shoes. Most expensive in the shop.

Next, our iron fell apart last week. Still heats beautifully, unfortunately fell apert! So off to John Lewis in Southampton to buy a replacement. Again, we opted for the most expensive in the shop.

Whilst over in Southampton we popped over to Hedge End to get the grogeries in (in theory this would leave Sunday entirely free). So, without having done anything, really, yesterday ended up costing me about £400.

The amount of things we did we were basically out of the house all day, which wasn't a bad thing since the weather was terrible all day (been very sunshine and showers all week). And, as I say, doing everything in one day left today free.

Only thing is, the weather has been even worse today! Imagine "sunshine and showers" without the sunshine, and you'll have an idea. The one thing I have managed to do is to hang up my new lovely brass thermometer/barometer/hygrometer, which still looks great. I've tuned the tidal clock into Redbridge, which is about the closest tidal point to here. Of course it won't really be useful until we live by the sea....

Saw "Coast" on tv last night, they had the Isle of Man. Looked like a lovely place to visit. Maybe  one time when Alice is staying up at Grandma's...

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