Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The gite so far

Let's see, where are we?

Well, Sunday was quite grey and we decided to combine a little exploring with the necessary task of getting some petrol - I know from experience that petrol stations in the French countryside can be few and far between, so didn't want to take any chances.

Mrs TomTom said that the nearest petrol station was in Paimpol, so there we headed. In addition to petrol, we found a lovely town with a beautiful marina (bordered by wonderful-looking fish restaurants - wish we'd found them the night before!)

Onward, though, to the Point de l'Arcouest, which is where the boats sail for the Ile de Brehat (www.vedettesdebrehat.com). A cruise around the island sounded quite a good idea, so we went to find out more. Stopped at the Point for lunch - the first Moules Frites of the week. Over then in the other direction to the town of Treguier, a beautiful old place reminiscent of Dinan. Beautiful cathedral. By then we were tired and the sky was grey, so we headed back to the cottage In fact we had a good old storm Sunday night, the weather being so grim I had to find out how to put the heating on in the cottage.

By Monday morning the weather had broken, and although it was still grey the storm had blown itself out. On the grounds that we might not get any better weather (the forecast for the entire week is not good) we decided to actually visit the Ile de Brehat. Wonderful tour around the island - beautiful rock formations and plenty of photograph material. And I feel so "alive" in the bracing, salty sea air. After sailing around the island, we landed and strolled to the Bourg in time for lunch. And, gradually, the weather cleared too. So much so that we spent a while in the afternoon playing on the beach, and the crossing back to the continent was blistering.

Out appetite for sailing having been thoroughly whetted, I drove on to the port of Perros-Guirec, where they operate trips out the the seabird sanctuary out at Les Sept Iles, and have booked a criuse for tomorrow.
The boat actually sails from the jetty at Tregastel, and there we found a beautiful sandy beach and a lovely bar in which to have a relaxing drink. There was also a hotel there, the Grand, which looked absolutely beautiful (and which was attached to a thalassotherapy centre). A future destination? Could be.

Homeward via Lannion, where we drove through the centre but didn't stop - looks to be another place worth a visit.

Today we are going to spend quietly, with a walk along the coastal path this afternoon, and perhaps a meal over in Paimpol this evening. Not as bright as yesterday but by no means bad weather.

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