Sunday, 17 June 2007


Sumptuous meal at the Grand Hotel last night - lobster followed by beef followed by "decouverte chocolat". Even the childrens' menu was split into courses so A. felt she was having a "proper" French meal. The restaurant appeared quite busy to start with (the best restaurants have, I think, a relaxed air about them, which I think hotel restaurants have difficulty matching) but quietened down (or did wine consumption come into it?)

Totally knackered by the time we headed back to the suite, basically just opened the window wide to go to sleep to the crashing of the waves on the shore.

Awake again at 6am, the waves still crashing and the sun streaming in - a beautiful morning. Took the opportunity to have a soak in the bath, by which time J. Was awake and we went for a bracing morning walk along the beach.

Upon our return A. was still crashed out, and had to be roused with the promise of a buffet breakfast. I think of all meals out, buffet breakfasts are her favourite because there is so much to choose from (most definitely true in this four-star hotel) and because A. Generally ends up making around four visits!

Fortunately the hotel lies only a five minute drive from the ferry, which meant that after breakfast it was relatively straightforward to get onto the ferry. As I write this entry, A. is amusing herself in the kids' play area (where she has been literally since we came up from the car) and J. Has just returned having exhausted the tiny boutiques on board. For me, there were a couple of nice white Lacoste shirts for work, but even though £40 apiece is very cheap for these things, they're nevertheless more than double the M&S price! Becoming a skinflint in my old age!

Might settle for buying a little chocolate and a fridge magnet from A. to our of our neighbours (who is always generous to A.).

Au revoir la France, jusqu'a la prochaine!

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