Saturday, 9 June 2007


Very muggy today, misty outside. A storm is brewing and is forecast for tomorrow, when we will be right at the seaside to witness it.

Nice meal in Rennes last night, a very-French pizza. Was feeling quite chilled until A. decided to knock a glass onto the floor. Sometimes I think she was better as a two-year-old.

Still, my induction into crash-course French met a new level, when I discovered that I would need to call for a taxi. Passed with flying colours. I don't know how good my French actually is, but I'm certainly able to make myself understood!

So, today J. is allowed to shop in Rennes until 1pm, after which time we must leave for the Cotes d'Armor, to take the keys off the owners at 4pm. When we went into Rennes last night the shops were just closing, so whilst there was an air of frustration at the time, I suspect all she was doing was building a hit-list for today.

Must close now. Everyone else seems finally sorting themselves out, I don't want it to be me who deprives them of 10-minutes vital shopping time.

P.S. - Had Lipton's "Soft Cashmere" tea this morning - absolutely delicious!

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