Saturday, 9 June 2007

Second Half

We are installed in the gite, and this is god's own country. Having unpacked the cases (carting them up not one, but two, flights of stairs in the process), we headed off to explore and ultimately found a rock/sand beach stretching as far as the eye could see. The weather brightened up nicely on our way up here so we had blue skies and bright sunshine too. Wonderful.

The small of the salt made me feel like fish for supper, so I offered to take the family out for supper. The only restaurant we found didn't exactly promise fish, but was Moroccan, a cuisine which we all like. As it was, the food was good but the service was slow. And this isn't just some ignorant Englishman speaking - I'm well acquainted with French restaurants and am all in favour of allowing food to digest between courses, but trust me, this place was s...l...o...w.

So anyway we came home just before 11pm, and it is just about dark now. Wonderful.

Can't wait to explore the beach some more, and hopefully unpack the kite tomorrow.

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