Wednesday, 13 June 2007

What a difference...

...a day makes!

Two excellent days, but both very different to each other. After a lazy morning yesterday, we got the bikes out and rode, en famille, along the nearby coastline. Probably around 10km in all, with plenty of stops for photographs along the way. Terrain ranged from proper roads, to mud tracks, to the beach!

Complete with IGN map, we struck out south east until we hit the "coast" (actually looked like a salt marsh) and followed the path (the GR34 walking route) until we actually hit a beach at Laneros. Very sunny, hot and clear, we could easily see the Ile de Brehat and the Point de l'Arcouest, yesterday's visit. Many photographs, although the water itself looked almost stagnant and certainly not coastal as we'd expected.

Onward anti-clockwise around the coast, making our way back toward L'Armor. Past the Sillon Noir, and outcrop of black sand/pebbles which appears to be permanent. The
road at this point became a path (of course, meant for walkers) but was just about navigable on the bikes. However as we progressed, the pathway became sandy beach and
further riding proved impossible. Hot and flustered, we eventually arrived at the Sillon de Talbert.

This is a sand/pebble promontary which extends something like 5km into the sea, apparently a permanent fixture, and very well known hereabouts. And so of course, when presented with a challenge...

Sad to say it was very hot, and A. gave up to play in the sand close to halfway along, J. and I continued but we ourselves gave up probably three-quarters of the way to the end. Well, it was getting late...

Actually I found it very difficult to judge the distance along the sand. When we finally approached the car park at the start of the Sillon, I started counting the steps when I thought it looked 100 yards away...and ended up counting to 300! This
was our experience in general - the end didn't look too far away but didn't seem to get closer. Anyway, a challenge postponed for a couple of years.

Still sweltering (and for myself, having caught the sun), and quite fatigued, we endured the final five-minute cycle back to the cottage.

Out again a half-hour later, this time en voiture, to enjoy a meal on the quayside at Paimpol. The restaurant/meal really was magnificent (La Cotriade) - as agreed by all three of us. Highly recommended.

All in all, a very agreable day.

Contrast this with today, which started out grey as we journeyed westward to Perros-Guirec once again. Now, every day here is starting out grey, so I wasn't too concerned. However, today it just got greyer, and as we arrived there (just in time for lunch) it had started raining. Indeed, as we hastened into the nearest creperie, the rain looked somewhat torrential.

After lunch we embarked on our cruise out to Les Sept Iles, in a vedette packed out with a couple of French SAGA parties. Undeterred by the driving rain, all three of us found the islands very enjoyable. They appear to be a designated nature reserve, and many species of birds were in evidence. Most popular appeared to be penguins and puffins (both very cute!). Many photos, but a shame the day was so grey. Having paid for the "extended" tour, we even got to disembark at the Ile aux Moines. Nice to stretch our legs, even the rain stopped for a while.

Back onto the boat, we endured one more shower before the weather started to clear. Indeed, by the time we arrived back in port the weather was considerably better.

Onward to find a Salon de The in nearby Lannion, where we found not only what we were looking for, but much more besides. £150 of Descamps bedding and a trip to the local Jeff de Bruges later....

So as I write this I am utterly knackered, but at least there is blue sky outside.

Tomorrow's agenda is undecided. We might stay local (ish) and explore some more coves, the rockscape at Plougrescant and the nearby town of Treguier in a bit more detail.

But then tomorrow's another day... 

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