Thursday, 5 July 2007

Fading Tan

Its now two-and-a-half weeks since we came back from holiday :-(

In that time, I don't think we've had a single rain-free day :-(( The faint tan lines I acquired in France look more like I've forgotten to wash.

Last weekend was typical. Saturday, we ended up going for a walk over at Bolderwood - A took her bike, J her new shoes (with which she is still elated) and I took a pair of binoculars I've bought on eBay. (They feed the deer at Bolderwood, and there is normally a good opportunity to see lots of deer, albeit at a few hundred yards distance. This time of year, the stags' antlers are just about ready, so they looked very regal.)

Tippled down with rain, but at least we can confirm that J's swanky £90 Merrell shoes are indeed waterproof, and comfortable as anything, so she says.

More encounters with deer on Monday, this time driving home from a restaurant when I nearly hit a couple of them! Fortunately it was raining and I was driving quite slowly, I decided against continuing the chase cross-country! We'd been out to celebrate the birthday of a friend (sans Alice, we've found a new babysitter!) at an Indian restaurant. We've never been to this particular restaurant before but must have passed it hundreds of times and have more than once said "we must try that place sometime". So now we have!

Also went out to eat Sunday, in celebration of J's birthday the day before. Ended up at the Fighting Cocks at Godshill. I went there once about 10 years ago, but this was the first time since. Despite the "lived in" decor, the food was really quite good, and I had a very enjoyable lamb roast.

Have not been near the garden since our return from holiday, despite a newly-serviced mower sitting in the garage. Maybe this weekend...

In the meantime, been working a lot at the clients, which will at least improve the bank balance a little (overspent by around £1000 in France - unbelievable!!) 43 hours last week (probably a short week to many people, but quite a lot longer than I can usually bear to spend with the clients!) Same again this week, boring...

More soon.

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