Friday, 20 July 2007

Wet Wet Wet

We're having an unbelievably wet summer - I looked at the weather station when I got up, and saw that there had been 13mm of rain already today.

Life is more interesting at the moment, since I am closely following the Tour de France. I started off at the opening ceremony on Friday 6th, then we came back up to London the next day, en famille, to watch the prologue - as Mother Nature would have it, a beautiful sunny day and a wonderful atmosphere to boot. Sunday saw the tour head down toward the Kentish coast, though we watched the stage courtesy of Eurosport. Since then I have contented myself by watching the highlights show each day - yesterday's stage went from Marseilles to Montpellier, and there were some wonderful aerial shots of Arles  along the way. If I were pushed, that part of France would be very close to the top of my "favourites" list.

On the subject of the Tour de France, however, it is only going to get better, since on Sunday we will fly down to Toulouse, and thereon drive down to the small Pyrennean town of St Girons, where we will watch Monday's stage. Tremendously exciting.

As well as being a nice little "jolly", I do feel I could use the break at the moment. Since we returned from the main holiday I have spent a lot of time at the clients' and worked plenty of overtime, all toward trying to meet a deadline that I told them several months ago was unachievable. Hey, ho. I think I could be developing itchy feet syndrome once again.

Straight off the back of our Tour de France visit to London, we headed back again the very next weekend, this time to meet up with a friend of mine, Martin, and his family. We met up at Camden Market, somewhere I haven't been since around 20 years ago. I used to love it up there, but having aged somewhat I now find myself uncomfortable among that many people. Still, following a stroll along Regent's Canal we then headed back to Martin's house where we enjoyed a sumptuous barbequeue. Wonderfully relaxing day - even Alice's overly high spirits seem to have been tolerated.

Ah, well, the rsi is starting to kick-in now, I'll call it a day. Must write some more from France.

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