Monday, 6 August 2007


Ah, well, the start of another week.

The holidays are over, and this time of year is always a hard slog to do enough work so as to be able to pay the Corporation Tax, due next month. To make matters worse, we seem finally to be getting some summer weather, and life at the client's is quite tough going presently. I'm back with the frustrations I was having a year ago, and the days seem long and pointless right now. Still.....professional sweetly at client and make note to check bank balance.....

Had a nice barbequeue Saturday, some neighbours came around and we spent hours just chatting out in the garden. Lovely weather, yesterday the same. The only thing is that it is too hot for Maisie, who has taken to eating at around 3am, presumably when it is sufficiently cool, unfortunately she doesn't think twice about jumping on us to try to get us to feed her. Little bugger!

Alice had her birthday last week, but this year it was a quiet affair since we've just got back from a couple of holidays and haven't really had time to organize anything. I was going to treat her to an Indian restaurant on Friday, but she was naughty and so everything was cancelled. In truth, she seems to be getting worse as she gets older. She got some money for her birthday so we had to take her to Toys'r'us and watch her spend several tens of pounds on absolute tat.

Been having lots of trouble with one of the computers in the office, so much so that I've ordered a replacement - far more powerful - but of course it is going to be hassle to build the thing. Something to do on those hot summer nights...

Generally fed up.

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