Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Mighty Blues

It is twenty past midnight and, by rights, I should be tucked up in bed asleep. However on this one special occasion, I have obtained an evening pass and have spent a thoroughly enjoyable evening watching my beloved Everton trounce Spurs at White Hart Lane.

Spurs have a number of attractive players, but really they all must have stayed at home tonight. Their most impressive player, at least early on, was an eight-foot giant of a youngster named Anthony Gardner. Seeing him stand next to Andy Johnson was like something out of Snow White. For all their height, however, The fact that two of Everton's goals came from right-wing crosses said it all. First up was Joleon Lescott with just a minute on the clock. Everton's first attack. A free kick, and in comes Lescott unmarked for 1-0. Next, the equalizer (Spurs played some flowing football ten minutes either side of their goal), but shortly afterwards Everton regained the lead, Leon Osman firing home at the far post. Osman was excellent throughout for sheer commitment. Finally, on the stroke of halftime, Alan Stubbs (has he ever scored before?) hit a piledriver free kick from thirty yards out. Skidded along the ground, took a deflection along the way, and slid past Robinson into the net. Game over. Certainly Spurs were willing in the second half, but Everton killed the game as any decent team would. In the end it was men versus boys.

So, an excellent game of football followed by a hassle-free trip back to Waterloo, and heading back westward on the last train of the evening. I should be home for quarter-past-one, only to be up again at six for the return trip into town.

When I get round to it I must summarise my computer woes - my blog itself has been offline for around the last month because the database server packed up - but not right now. All the keys on this tiny keyboard are starting to look the same!

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