Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Action Man

Following on from yesterday's activity I must add that after the blog entry was written I climbed onto the roof (twice!) to fix the weather station (it has been showing zero wind speed for a couple of weeks now, basically because it got crudded up), *and* I mowed the front lawn.

Despite this abundance of activity, I didn't get anywhere near as much done as I'd planned - I have three or four months' worth of letters to scan and shred, and I shall be praying for good weather so that I can get the back lawn done at the weekend.

In the vein of "sorting things out", one problem that has niggled for some time is now fixed. As any observant reader might have spotted, this site has a contact form hanging off its front page. Basically, when someone fills out the contact form, the web server sends an email to my address. The only thing was that the people who host my email account kept on rejecting these emails. Plus, despite evidence that their servers were at fault, their support people were either unwilling or unable to do anything about it.

Clearly an email address that is not allowed to receive email is of limited use, so I finally got around to approaching my business's host, even though the work would have been paltry. Their support guy really helpfully showed me how to do it using their servers - and what's more at no extra cost - and lo, web forms appear in my inbox once again. Ah, the appliance of science...

Heading up to London today to fulfil the boring task of earning money. Whoopee!

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