Sunday, 9 September 2007

New Camera

I mentioned last time out about the new camera, and I finally prepared a couple of images. The images have been processed with a package I found called Bibble. I liked this one so much I paid for a license!
First off, the day after the camera arrived I headed over to the New Forest - very early in the morning at 7 o'clock. I'd promised myself to do this for years, and the opportunity of Jacqueline and Alice being at Grandma's, plus the new camera, was I guess like the spring tide. Anyway, the fresh sunlight in the otherwise deserted forest was beautiful, plus it gave me an early chance to use the camera in totally manual mode. Plus, of course, the obligatory ponies...

Then, I managed to take a picture of the beautiful Maisie...

...and finally, we went canoeing on the Beaulieu River last Sunday, and paid a visit to Buckler's Hard afterwards. I particularly like the way the overcast sky has come out - not the best "photo" weather but very true to life.

Probably not the best photographs I've ever taken - there is clearly a learning curve with these SLRs - but the camera is very impressive.

More stuff to report, especially developments at the client's, but I'll catch up with all that next time.

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