Saturday, 1 September 2007



A blog or so ago I alluded to having some problems with the office computers. Dead as a dodo.

Well, I bought a couple of replacement servers very cheaply, on eBay. I mean, if you know anything about computers, the old one was a Pentium 3 800MHz desktop with a whopping (maxed-out!) half gigabyte of RAM. It did have a large hard disk, but that was about all. Anyway, this has now been swapped out for a twin P4 2.8GHz blade server running on 2 1/2 Gigs of RAM. A very decent upgrade. The server in question ran the database behind many of the applications used in the office, including this blog. Consequently everything has been offline since pretty much the end of June. Blog entries - few and far between as ever - have been stored offline in that wonderful medium known as email.

Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey, and over the course of the last month or so I have been bringing the new servers up to speed, bit by bit. Now, one of them is finally ready and is once again running a database. I've just spent the last half-hour uploading all of the offline blog entries, and we're ready to roll.

Next, for the second server, whose destiny is to take over the administration of the LAN from anoter beat-up old box, this time a PIII 500MHz. Plus, of course, since the new server is a blade server, just 5cm high, there's a fairly big space saving too. Something for another day, I think...

The only other thing technically was that my bloody laptop got a virus infection. First one ever! It showed my current virus software was just not up to the task, so I need to find another product. Finding an Antivirus package will be easy enough but I use this laptop for all sorts, so maybe one of those firewall-type packages may be appropriate. (I use ZoneAlarm on the office desktops but this isn't supported on the laptop's operating system.)

On to more electroniccy things, I have just bought my very first digital SLR camera. There are lots of knobs and dials and I have also got a hefty instruction manual which tells me what they all do. Of course, the camera has a point-and-shoot mode, but half of the fun is learning how it all hangs together. Right now I'm starting to learn about filters, lens extenders etc. etc. - and am realising that buying the camera was only the start...
On the suject of photography, I haven't put any pictures up for a while. First, here's one from that flight in the Pyrenees:

Yes, it really was that beautiful. Not forgetting, of course, our primary reason for visiting the region, the Tour de France

Must publish some more photos once I master the new camera!

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