Monday, 24 September 2007

Rambling on...

We had rain for the first time this month yesterday, and what rain! We'd ventured out, en famille, to the Purbecks. However following a leisurely morning we didn't leave the house until midday, and so didn't get over there for an hour or so.

The plan was to go and have a walk along the cliffs, but what with the time of day etc. our first stop was to a pub on the outskirts of Wool for Sunday lunch! After we'd finished, we headed down to Lulworth Cove and we did actually do some walking, although the sky was very grey and becoming greyer - we had around an hour walking around - until ultimately we were basically walking in cloud along the cliffs. I didn't fancy getting drenched by the not-far-off downpour (especially the bit about sitting in the car for an hour, driving home with steaming wet clothes) so we quit while we were ahead. We were fortunate to have just started driving home before the *real* rain arrived!

But wonderful to be there nevertheless. Obviously it was quite blustery, so was were able to stand and watch the power of the waves as they crashed on the bottom of the cliffs, and it was amazing to watch the way the birds caught the air flows up the cliffs to soar above us, seemingly with no effort whatsoever.

Contrast this with Saturday, when we had a beautiful day all round. To give Jac some peace, Alice and I went out for a walk in late afternoon, which ended up taking us 3 hours! I did pull up an OS map beforehand and thought I knew where we'd end up, but seem to have got it all a little wrong, probably adding a good three of four miles to the journey. We started off going up a bridleway, and really for the whole of the first half of our walk we avoided any roads - the bridleway even turning into fields as we progressed. Ever prepared, the GPS was left at home, so too was the compass, and my own OS map of the area long since disappeared (I'd checked the OS Site on the web when at home) I did get a little concerned that we were actually walking the right way - especially when we wandered through a field of grazing cows - but the signs were just about frequent enough to ensure that we didn't stray far.

Until we hit the road up at Redlynch, therefore, I wasn't quite sure where exactly we would end up. And when we I did recognise the surroundings, I realised that we were a good ten- or fifteen-minute drive from home. Clearly our walk was far from over, although having said all this Alice was loving it and not at all concerned about how far we had to walk. Making a brief pit-stop for ice cream, we headed back home, again via back roads and along the river in Downton. Lovely - we were certainly ready for supper (vegetable pizza) when we got home!

Life outside of weekends only barely tolerable at the moment. The plus side is that the bank balance is steadily increasing, the bad news is that I need to give most of it to the taxman in a month's time! Boo-hoo.

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