Friday, 19 October 2007

Autumn Blues

First frost of the year yesterday, followed by another one today. For the last couple of weeks I've been travelling to and from London in the dark. Whilst we'll get some temporary morning respite when the clocks go back next week, we're heading now for winter at full speed.

Life recently has been dominated by work, though I did manage a full weekend of gardening last weekend. Tidied all of the hedges around the garden. Hard work but in general nothing more sophisticated than giving everything a good going over with a lopper. Still, it looks good and the garden gets a lot more light because of it - in some cases I was taking more than three foot of branches off, and to be honest it is still not as short as I'd like. Jacqueline likes that we have tall bushes because of the privacy they afford, but once they get higher than seven or eight feet I don't think we benefit all that much.

We went to a Parent Evening at Alice's school a week or so ago, only to meet Alice's teacher, a singularly unimpressive woman who left us merely with the notion that she'd given up on Alice already. For the first time I'm starting to think that Alice may have got herself into a position where there is no way back, at least at her current school. So, I have started looking at private schools, although this obviously grates somewhat because (a) I have paid for one education already, and (b) I'm not sure that Alice will appreciate (or make the best of) the sacrifice I'd be making. Prices range from £6-12k per year, and whilst we have a lot of equity in the house I would rather like to keep things that way.

Finally to the clients. Absolute mayhem. I could go on at length, but in reality it would first of all be very boring, second-of-all very imprudent. Suffice to say, I am reminded of an old maxim from my very first boss, "We've never got time to do things properly, but we've always got time to do things twice".

Maybe I need to split this blog into two, and come out with a "public" version and an "uncut" version, for private viewing, where I could vent my spleen to the full!

I need a holiday!

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