Monday, 5 November 2007


I've prattled on for years about the policies of our illiberal government. Fortunately, Blunkett now appears to have been carted back to whichever lunatic asylum from whence he came, and Reid - never more aptly described than as an "attack dog" by Paxman - has faded back into obscurity.

However I was reminded yesterday just how pervasive this "Big Brother" attitude has become when I heard on the car radio an "advert" regarding benefit fraud. Listen here.... Truly disgusting.

Its not that I condone benefit fraud, although I can easily think of other types of tax avoidance (which is essentially what it is) whick would probably be fairer and more lucrative to target (for example the millionaires who live in London but pay no tax). It is purely the tone of this advert, alongside the tv adverts we see about TV Licenses and Car Tax, all of which aimed purely to scare.

It upsets me a lot to see this. I think of the terrible event that was 9/11, and how even more terribly these opportunistic politicians have taken this event as an opportunity to erode our liberties and essentially turn the country into a police state. I remember with dread 7/7 - not least because I take the tube each day - but I cannot see how such an attack will be a one-off when simply the tone of our government gives rise to so much resentment both at home and abroad.

On a final note I read an article today claiming that Brown has put a halt to the ID Card project pending a review of the feasibility of the technology. Dare I be optimistic enough to hope that this is one constraint on my liberty that is now dead and buried?

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