Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Eastern Promise

I must mention a TV channel I have recently found. Its a news channel called Russia Today, and I have taken to watching it as I'm getting ready to go out in the morning. At that time of day they seem always to be showing documentaries, but the tone of these documentaries is highly questionnable. A week of so ago, I was treated to some black-and-white footage of Lenin's time. All well and good, except that as I became drawn in, I realised that the footage was not filmed *during* Lenin's time, but some time later. And the documentary was not simply telling me a story, it was telling me how wicked a man he was to boot. Pure propaganda.
Then yesterday, a documentary on Latvian nationalism. It was not immediately apparent when this program had been made, save that it wasn't made that long ago. But the programme went back to the Second World War and made sure the viewer was aware of how many Latvians were complicit with the Germans. All very emotive stuff, Latvia should look toward Mother Russia rather than to the West. Then the documentary displayed footage which was clearly contemporaneous, made me realise that people are probably churning out more and more of these even as I write.

Can't wait...

I am something of a golden boy again at the client's, for both prudence and brevity I won't go into much detail. Suffice to say that my approach of being calm, understanding problems, and grinding out solutions is rather less spectacular, rather less pro-active than many at the client's, yet it seems to produce better results. I am reminded of Rudyard Kipling's "If", and of Hemingways quote - "Never confuse movement with action".

If nothing else it is just interesting to see different people at work, and how peoples' fundamental nature means that they will take the same approach again and again, irrespective of previous results. To be honest it is partly frustrating, but for the most part amusing (after all, they're paying me to watch all this!).

Did I mention I was thinking of buying myself the complete Dilbert collection for christmas?

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