Sunday, 4 November 2007


Well, the holiday seems a long time ago, although we have just had a good weekend, especially from a photographic perspective.

Started Saturday slowly, but Jacqueline wanted to finish an essay for her latest course, so Alice and I made ourselves scarce, going to Serendipity Sams over in Romsey. I'd have thought Alice was a little old for this now, but she seemed to have a great time. For all her flaws, Alice is very gregarious and has no trouble befriending people. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to get into a new book (I stopped off at Hatchards last week and basically stopped buying at £50, but could easily have spent the afternoon there).

So, Alice ran around like a mad thing while I started reading Tony Benn's latest diaries. Benn is a man I admire greatly in any case, plus these diaries take hime from 2001 (when he left the Commons) to the present, so are very much comtemporary. I am sure they will be excellent.

From Romsey we headed over to Salisbury, where I had determined to take some photos of the cathedral. Every night when I come home from Salisbury Station I drive along the Ring Road and I have often though what an excellent vantage point to see a good view of the cathedral. Of course, one cannot stop on the ring road (let along set up the tripod!!), but the ring road runs next to a multi-storey car park, and such places are excellent for a good photograph.

Off, then, to the top floor of this car park, complete with photo bag and tripod. Even though I say so myself, the end results are wonderful. Even Alice was placated, since she had an excellent view of some fireworks displays over Salisbury.

Back home, and not only had Jacqueline completed her essay, she was also up for taking Alice to the local firework display in Downton. I stayed home for that one - I'd had enough of Alice's sole company for the day. But they came back an hour later having had a great time.

Despite lovely weather on Saturday, Sunday was actually forecast to be the better day of the weekend, and today we headed back over to the Purbecks (we were there just a couple of weekends ago), parked up at Lulworth, and walked across to Durdle Door. Absolutely perfect. Even Alice (although she whined on the walk there and back) had great fun exploring the caves along the beach.

Once again, although we were at the wrong time of day for perfect photography, I got some okay snaps.

So, Sunday evening. Having traipsed over the Dorset cliffs today I feel absolutely knackered, and won't be long out of bed!

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