Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Well and truly down to earth this morning, as the alarm went off shortly before 6am and I'm now sitting on the train, first day back into London.

Busy day yesterday, catching up on a load of paperwork, getting everything that has arrived in the last few months scanned, shredded then (the hard bit) filed.

New Year's Eve was fairly quiet, we cracked open a bottle of Laurent Perrier Rosé, even Alice was allowed a small glass, as we all saw in the New Year, watching the London fireworks on TV.

The only downer in all of this was that my laptop started exhibiting problems with the hard disk. I've seen this before, a while ago, and in fact it isn't the disk but the controller. Scant consolation, though, since I needed to access all the accounts to get a VAT return filled out. In the event the VAT return got postponed for a day in deference to a full HDD backup, which took hours. Anyway, the admin stuff is now done and the VAT people will get their cheque just a couple of days late.

More misbehaviour from Alice yesterday. Her social skills are being severely stretched, she sees everything as either "you're my friend" or "you're not my friend", and consequentially after she's been naughty the only response she's able to give is to wait ten minutes, then say "can we be friends again?" And of course none of it has anything to do with friendship. God knows what the dynamics are between her and her schoolfriends. At this rate I'm surprised she has any.

Lastly, I emailed about 40 dealers to price quotes on a new car. At least half a dozen of them have come back to me and said, "Tell us your lowest price, and we'll beat it". How lazy is that? Do they really think they'll get my business by saying this? Anyway, I've had something like fifteen or so serious responses, so we'll at least be in a position tonight to review all the responses and make a decision. Its at times like this that the internet comes into its own - an hour's worth of leg-work to find out the email addresses of all of these dealerships (and again, they're all official Mazda dealers so the addresses are plain to see on their site), half a minute to send the messages, and this hour's work has saved me something over £2000 on the price offered by our local dealership.

Ahhhhhhh.......anyway, this is still way too early for me. I'm outa here for a snooze.

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