Monday, 7 April 2008

Snow and Woe

Yes, despite the fact that we are now into April, we had a morning filled with snow yesterday.
Alice (when she finally got up) was transfixed, and spent the whole morning playing out with next door's kids, building a not-too-bad snowman, and periodically throwing snowballs at the lounge window just to remind us that she was enjoying herself!

I, on the other hand, saw the snowfall first-hand, as I got up at half-past-six in order to feed the cats. Maisie has this irritating habit of coming and sitting on me when she decides she wants breakfast. She's as light as a feather so she doesn't wake me up directly, but as I start to awaken of my own accord, I become aware that she is there.

Jacqueline has a straightforward answer to this - just kick her off - but Maisie is such a lovely girl I just can't bring myself to do it.

Anyway, I was up just as the snow started falling. After feeding the cats the first thing to do was to check out all the computer gear. We'd very conveniently had a power cut on Saturday from about 4pm to 1am, necessitating a meal out followed by sitting around a camping lantern for a while. As soon as I started checking it became immediately obvious that we had no internet connection. Computers over the LAN can talk to each other, but can't connect either to the DMZ or to the web. Very hacked off indeed.
I became further hacked off when an investigation revealed that the power cut had taken out my firewall box. This is basically the gateway between my network and the outside world, thereby stuffing up absolutely everything.

As it happens, the software on my firewall was something over five years old, so I've enquired about upping to the current version. But there again I might bin it altogether in favour of a hardware device, which I think may be cheaper and smaller. Now that I've got beyond the "highly pissed off" stage, I need to look into this more seriously this evening. I might even have the necessary hardware already. But the upshot for the time being, no internet access.

So, yesterday, plan "B" came into force. There was an email I needed to send so had to use my mobile phone as a modem to connect. You forget about the days you used to have to wait for images to load...

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