Saturday, 14 June 2008

Birds and Bees

One thing about when we went to tea the other day, at the Bramble Hill they have a pigeon loft, with several pigeons strutting their stuff on the lawn as we were having tea. Obviously it must be the time of year for pigeons, with several male birds looking very impressive as they pushed out their chests in a id to impress the girlies. It was not much surprise, then, when Alice said to us, "Look, that pigeon's giving a piggy back!". Elementary Sex Education, Lesson One!!

On to more serious things, I was hugely disappointed last week when the UK parliament voted to allow people to be incarcerated for up to six weeks, without any charges being made against them. This flew in the face of advice by many people, including ex-PM John Major, who had to contend on a daily basis with the threat from the IRA. For me, this a further step down the road of intolerance and is truly appalling to see from a government with a Labour badge. Once again.

I have now determined that despite my severe doubts surrounding the Conservative economic philosophy, I must vote for them next time around. New Labour simply must be stopped - their attacks on civil liberties are just unacceptable.

On a related subject, I have started watching a new news channel, France24, which had a really good article on people - US military people - who had deserted and had headed up to Canada. One guy had done a tour of Iraq and had really become turned off when it became obvius to him that he was there against the wishes of "normal" Iraquis. Another guy had seventeed years service as a nuclear engineer, and basically gave it up to become a janitor. Yet another - albeit pretty naive - chap was saying how he'd joined to do some humanitarian work (as I said, very naive!), and that this was how the it had been sold to him by the recruiters, and he finds himself drafted into Intelligence and sent to Iraq. Anyway, the Canadian Parliament has just passed a motion - eminently sensible to me - that anybody deserting from a war which was not sanctioned by the United Nations should automatically be granted asylum in Canada. Although this motion was non-binding, it is interesting because hitherto Canada's stance has been that because these people volunteered to join the US Military, rather than being draftees, they would not be granted asylum. But the pressure is there and they'll surely have to change.

We, on the other hand, have no such enlightened parliament.

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