Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Just been blessed with an unexpected long weekend. Yesterday the car wouldn't start, and the man in orange soon confirmed that the battery was as dead as a dodo. So, a trip to my garage in Bournemouth was required. However this meant that the day was written off and I had some time on my hands. Jacqueline was home too, so it was nice just to have the two of us in the house for a while. Got on with the profoundly interesting task of cleaning the bathroom (I cleaned Alice's bedroom over the weekend too).

Everything has just got so messy, something had to be done, although I could still only do part of the job since our hoover is currently in need of some TLC and is performing very poorly. However one of the good things about Dyson is that new parts can just be ordered as old parts wear out - I have to say I get very upset with the culture nowadays which says that it is not possible to repair, only to replace. This way, what is fundamentally an excellent product (the hoover) is kept going for another couple of years with minimum unnecessary waste or outlay. So, by the end of the week, the thing will be "as new" once again. Anyway...

Of course the cleaning didn't take all day, and was interspersed with liberal doses of the wonderful Wii! (I am now rated "pro" on the tennis game, and, seriously, this thing is amazing for getting fit. I tried out the boxing too and after three bouts I was literally dripping sweat. Talk about aerobic!)

It really was lovely just, for once, having this unexpected time on my hands. I left for the garage after lunch, and by the time I returned home Alice was back from school, and we headed out as a family for some tea. We went to one of our old haunts, the Bramble Hill Hotel over at Bramshaw, for some delicious scones, straight out of the oven, and homemade jam. Yummy! The Bramble Hill is a funny old place, we used to go there a lot but haven't been for four or five years, neither Jacqueline nor I can remember why we stopped going. Certainly on the basis of yesterday, there's no obvious reason. The place itself is not in the best of repair, but is a country house straight out of Jeeves and Wooster. Has a great aura about it, with a wonderful lawn on which to enjoy tea. A lovely, relaxing way to while away some time. Ahhhh....

Back to earth with a bump this morning, the car fired up first time and I am now on the train bound for what promises to be a busy day up in London.

Before I go, I must just mention Wilton House. In all the time we've lived in the area we'd only ever driven past the place. However on Sunday we went to a fundraiser for the local hospital, held in the grounds of the house. Looks lovely there, we'll have to make a point of stopping by one day.

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