Monday, 2 June 2008

What a Difference... hour makes.

As I wrote yesterday's entry we were right in the middle of a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Having braved the three-hour journey out of London on Friday evening, Jacqueline and I met up at Axminster station, ready for a soothing weekend in an English country house hotel in Lyme Regis, in Dorset. In a prime location overlooking the Cobb, the Alexandra Hotel was an ideal place in which to chill out.

Indeed, Saturday was exactly that. A beautiful summer morning, I was up and out at 7:30am, armed with camera, and had an extremely pleasant walk before anyone else was about. Returned to the hotel for a fine cooked breakfast, by which time Jacqueline and Alice had surfaced, and then out for a leisurely stroll through the town. We topped off the morning by sitting on the beach (which was by now quite packed) for an hour or so.

Back to the hotel for an overpriced lunch, and we enjoyed the garden until I felt the need to return to our room for an obligatory nap. When I awoke, the bad news was that the weather had closed in somewhat, though the good news was that Jacqueline had ordered an Afternoon Tea for us to share. All very relaxing, and we completed the day by heading back down to the beach, where we let Alice play until around 7:30.

The weather improved, and of course during this time the beach became more and more quiet, another bonus, Alice amusing herself catching crabs from the rocks.

Out for dinner - there was still a surprising number of people around - but we eventually found a table at a small pizzeria in the town. A decent enough meal, followed by a gentle stroll back along the beach and up to the hotel. The Perfect Day.

Sunday, however, Alice basically got it into her head that she was going to spoil everything for us. Sometimes she just gets into moods where she becomes so awkward and truculent. I'd have though she would have been quite positive because we had planned both to go fossil hunting, and to let her go crab hunting once again.

However it was not to be, and instead she was so naughty that we ended up heading back home by 10 o'clock. We were all very upset, though Alice mostly because we had carried out our threat and set off home early. But Jacqueline and I were really looking forward to looking for fossils.

So, that was yesterday. A weekend thoroughly spoilt by Alice. I am not yet on speaking terms with her, and clearly these weekends away must now become a thing of the past since we cannot trust her to behave.

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