Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Call me Percy

Time for a quick entry this morning. The country had, until yesterday, been basking in the first real heat of the summer, and I took full advantage by doing plenty out in the garden. Ultimately this meant two trailerloads down to the tip, there are probably at least another two sitting around by the side of the house. We have a pair of bushes sitting around there and following a period of several years when they have simply been left to themselves, they were now at the same height as the chimney (bear in mind we live in a bungalow). Anyway, after a couple of hours hard work mainly with a hand-saw, they're now down to a more manageable seven foot or so.

In addition the various bushes surrounding the back garden are now presentable after more severe hacking. I think I'm safe there but will need a tidy-up visit out there in the autumn. The good news, of course, is that all this effort has been aimed at reducing several years' growth in many cases, so it will all be easier next year. However, there is still a fair amount of work needed in the front still, so there's a job for the coming weeks.
Also on Sunday in the stifling heat we had a barbeque with a couple of our neighbours, but Alice set out and unfortunately succeeded in ruining it for us. Her behaviour was absolutely awful, with no talking to her. Very disappointing and I feel things can't be allowed to go on like this. Ten years older and she would be out, no question. As parents we are supposed to have this limitless, uncondittional love for our offspring but frankly I wouldn't be too upset if she moved out today, and my own health would certainly improve.

To cap it all, since I did a load of gardening before the barbeque in the full midday heat, I caught the sun and ended up going to bed Sunday night full of shivers. Fortunately all was well the next morning.

Very busy at the client's at the moment, and frankly I am thoroughly fed up there once again. I privately resolved last week to get out of there by the end of October, so between now and then must do some serious hunting for new work - unfortunately I'm not in a position to retire just yet!

What else? Despite the report of Alice's bad behaviour, we got her ears pierced last week, something she's wanted for years, and an early birthday present for her. Needless to say, this all happened before the slump. She is currently looking forward to her birthday celebrations at the weekend, but she is under absolutely no illusion that unless her behaviour is absolutely impeccable this week, there will be no birthday.

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