Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Been ages since I wrote anything, ironically because I've been quite busy. Highlights of the last few weeks include...

...taking Jacqueline and Alice over to Southampton for her birthday treat - to see the new Narnia film, Prince Caspian, and then to tea at the Grand Harbour.

...doing a lot of chopping in the garden, cutting back the front hedge only to get stung twice, and uncover an enormous wasps nest in one of the bushes. Ouch!

...following the Tour de France. It has been especially good over the last couple of days since we went to see the tour in the Pyrenees last year. On Sunday as they travelled through Arreau we saw the café where we lunched. They have a rest day today, and hit Saint Girons (where we stayed last year) tomorrow.

...buying a couple of bits for the camera - a fish-eye lens and a flash unit. Jacqueline has gone the whole hog and bought herself a new camera from QVC. Very frustrated last weekend because she wanted to try it out, but it hasn't arrived yet. Very trendy, we saw one in a shop at the weekend and it almost fits in the palm of your hand. Not much spec-wise, but whereas that would bother me, Jacqueline doesn't care a jot. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing how I can make use of the fish-eye.

...had a good dinner last week at the Bramble Hill. As we sat down the rabbits were playing on the lawn, as it became darker the sky filled with bats, and to cap it all we saw seven or eight deer on the way home. Alice loved it, and the meal wasn't bad either!

...booked a trip across to Ireland in a couple of months. Purely pleasure, though with Alice with us, you never know!

...work - and lots of it. Once again the client's plans and deadlines are all hopelessly optimistic. I keep plodding along and making progess, though whether I'll have enough time to fix some major flaws is anyone's guess. But ignoring the big picture, they seem very pleased with the effort I'm putting in, and of course this is invaluable in an environment where their CEO is going around saying how they need to cut costs.

That it? Oh, well, maybe not so much after all then. I've probably forgotten loads of stuff.

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