Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Dear Me

Jacqueline is very excited since her new camera has just arrived. Very dinky but I'm not convinced of its quality yet. She went out into the garden and snapped a couple of flowers, which look good. One of the things about QVC is they generally offer stuff as a bundle, and if you want everything that comes in the bundle, it works out really good value. Along with the dinky camera, this particular bundle came with a Dye Sub printer, and this was what I found interesting. Basically, Dye Sub printers are the next step up from inkjets. The resolution is generally less than inkjets but the colour spectrum and the overall product are far superior. I had (still have, actually, though it has been gathering dust in the garage for years) a Canon Dye Sub printer which I bought back in 2000, way back before anyone was serious about them. Unfortunately Canon themselves never took the product seriously, they only ever produced Windows 98 drivers for it, and they ensured that the product couldn't be used out of the box - no sample ink or paper meaning that a second purchase from Canon UK was required before I could even start. (In fact, this woeful experience was the sole reason why, when I bought my SLR, I went down the Nikon route. Though if I made the choice again it'd still be Nikon because their kit is just so good.)

But anyway, I won't get into a rant about Canon. Suffice to say that Jacqueline's new printer, which is a Fuji, looks very impressive indeed.

Anyway, enough about Jacqueline's exploits. As mentioned a while ago, I've finally got my act together. Here are a couple of old deers from Dyrham.

And while I'm at it, here's a shot from my new Fisheye lens, taken down at the Millenium Green in Downton at sunset last night. The swans were very obliging!

Also managed a couple of shots with the new flash. The colour quality is absolutely superb, unfortunately the subject matter (Jacqueline in her work clothes, after a day at work, and without makeup) is more than my marriage is worth. So we'll have to wait awhile for some flash photos.

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