Monday, 21 July 2008

Web Sites

Found a couple of websites recently which have great potential. Although I do a lot of geeky work with computers I do have only five or six sites that I visit on a regular basis, so these finds are significant (to me at least).
The first is TripAdvisor, which I stumbled across whilst looking for advice on our Ireland trip. As well as advice and forums aplenty, this site also gives you a virtual globe, and allows you to add virtual pushpins for all the places you've visited. Fascinating, I thought, and an hour later (having racked my brain trying to remember all the places I ever visited) I came up with this:


The other site is one I actually had an idea for probably about eight or nine years ago, but never had (or made) the time to do anything about it. Again map-based, this one lets you upload photographs, again attaching them to pushpins on a map of the earth. Way ahead of my original ideas, however, this site is fully integrated with Google Earth and Google Maps (indeed the site itself may be run by one of the many Google subsidiaries), which means that when you search for a place you not only get to see a map but also a bunch of images too. Great idea. Seems totally unregulated, so you get some bad 'uns alongside the masterpieces, plus some of the entries demonstrate more the ability to use post-processing software than to take good photographs (although arguably each of these skills is as relevant as the other in this day and age, and even my photos get post-processed to some degree before publication...)

Anyway, the site is called Panoramio, and this link should get you through to the photographs I have uploaded thus far.

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