Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Chalk and Cheese

After yesterday's perfect weather today started a little cloudy, but no matter. We'd resolved to have a lazy day and consequently didn't leave the chalet until after 12, heading via the Col du Corbier to Morzine. When choosing a holiday in this area, I was actually prodded toward the Val d'Abondance over the Val d'Aulps, because it was more unspoilt.

Turns out this was perfectly true. Morzine was nice enough, but definitely had a more of a "resort" feeling than our valley. Plus, there was lots of English being spoken, which is generally a bit of a turn-off for me. Anyway, a mooch around the shops and a quick pizza for lunch, and we decided that since we were in the area, we'd press on to Les Gets. Les Gets was far more charming, and by the looks of things far more to do - very geared toward kids, they had some ski lifts open and the facility for kids to climb to the top of a hill and either come down on their bike, or in a go-cart. For her part, Alice wanted to try a bungee jump, where she was harnessed in while standing on the ground, and catapulted some thirty or forty feet into the air. She seemed to enjoy it - she's been on similar things in England but never quite so tall.

By this time I was quite tired - still feeling under the weather - so we commenced the journey home. I took a short detour to the Lac de Montriond and the Cascade d'Ardent (waterfall). We stopped for a quick Orangina, but by now the weather had started to close in and it was getting quite dark.

Indeed, not long after getting into the car the heavens opened, and at one stage we were driving back through cloud. Still, good old Jacqueline took the wheel and got us back safely. So, right now we're in this beautifully warm chalet with thunder and lightning outside, listening to rain pattering onto the roof.

The forecast is for the same weather tomorrow, if so I might not bother getting up!

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