Sunday, 21 September 2008

Hot hot hot

We're having an Indian summer here at the moment, beautiful weather the last week or so.
The last couple of Saturdays have involved gardening, including a three-hour stint yesterday cutting back the laurel tree. Its hard work and there's still stuff to do but the garden is looking the best it has in years. I got a new, tall step-ladder just before we went on holiday (getting it was hassle indeed!) but it was absolutely brilliant for reaching into the tree.

Last Sunday we had a lovely day out, somewhere we've never been before, a place called Dancing Ledge on Purbeck. We had to walk for a mile or so to get there, but well worth it. Dancing Ledge is a former quarry, right on the edge of the sea (they used to barge the stone away), whose distinguishing feature is a swimming pool having been cut out of the rock. For once, I've got a photograph ready to show:

Today, we're going to head over to Brownsea Island for the first time, and in fact I'm going to have to stop writing in a minute to get showered so we can get out in time. The weather is, if anything, brighter than last week, so I'm hoping for some good photographs.

Life at the client's has been unusually quiet - some software I built for them got released and it has gone incredibly well. On the plus side, they have offered to extend the contract for another twelve months, and given the current market conditions it will probably make sense to accept.

Talking of market conditions, HBOS has gone belly-up this week. It just about sums up the farce that is the market, when speculators can condemn what is probably a perfectly healthy company. It has been bought up by Lloyds TSB, something that the competition commission would never have allowed in "normal" times. The resulting colossus will become the third largest UK bank overnight. Great news for Lloyds shareholders, I'm sure. Probably not so good news for the customers.

Anyway, as I say, a farce, though you could say I am somewhat bitter and twisted at all of this, having lost a heap of money in the markets after 9/11. Fortunately I learned my lesson and have very little invested in stocks any more.

Time for a shower and to wash yesterdays toil down the plug-hole!

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