Friday, 7 November 2008


I can't believe it, the boy has gone.

Jacqueline let him out earlier tonight and quite shortly afterwards there was a knock on the door. He'd been knocked over and died instantly. It wasn't even the driver who knocked, but a passer by.

I can't believe I'll never got to watch (or write about) his antics ever again. He was only 2½ and with all the leanness of youth. Absolutely full of life. Alice is devastated of course.

Back to the clients this week after the holiday to see all of their managers scurrying around. As a consultant I am very much an outsider and they are playing their cards close to their chest, but from what I can gather redundancies are in the air. And getting rid of permies is the next step beyond getting rid of consultants. All told I reckon I'll be lucky to be with them by Christmas.

As weeks go, this one has been totally shitty.

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