Sunday, 2 November 2008

Home Again

Got back this evening, after a long journey back from Wales.

Had a pleasant enough day coming back down through Ireland, good weather, and stopped at Cahir for a visit to the castle and for lunch. Both excellent, the castle in particular only had about two other visitors so there were no pesky tourists to get in the way of my beautiful photographs! Onward down to Wexford, which was quite a nice town. Of course, we didn't get there until fourish so didn't have a great deal of time there, but pleasant nevertheless. Again, there were lots of little boutiques as opposed to the UK High Street chains. I got myself a new winter coat (a lovely, warm Regatta yachty-type thing) quite cheaply. (I broke it in today on the deck of the ferry and it was great - totally windproof.)

We spent last night at the St Helen's Hotel right by the harbourside at Rosslare. A strange hotel, it was a once-excellent building - at dinner last night we had a great view of the ferry loading up for the night corssing - however the room itself was very cold and the place could have done with a good deal of modernisation. Okay, I suppose, but dinner, bed and breakfast came to £150 so by no means a bargain. They even wowed us with the promise of some live music - after the excellent music on Friday night, we were well up for it, however the music turned out to be a Country singer. Now, as things go, Country Music ranks pretty high on my list of things to miss. So I made my excuses, returned to our (cold) room and settled down to watch Match of the Day. However, 'twas not to be. Jacqueline and Alice came back to the room shortly after and whined sufficiently about having football on the TV that I turned it off. I'd heard that Everton had actually won for a change and wanted to see the highlights, but I guess I'll have to make do with the BBC's web report.

(Actually since we got home and I now have the magic of the internet once again I have learned that they beat Bolton in midweek and are an incredible seventh! Last time I looked they were third-from-bottom - I must go on holiday more often!)

Anyway, up early for breakfast and an 8am departure. The saving grace for the hotel (apart from it having a half-decent leisure centre) was that it was only five minutes from the ferry. The weather back was beautiful, and I got some especially good photographs of the Welsh coast (at least I think I did - I can't be bothered getting them off the camera tonight). But oh, the drive from Pembroke was terrible. 2½ hours to Cardiff, where we stopped for a walk down by the bay followed by a lovely meal at the Old Orleans, then another 2½ hours home - the roads were really busy all the way. Still, back by 8:30pm and time enough to get the computer out and to catch up on everything I've missed in my sad little virtual world! (My only consolation is that Jacqueline is no better - as soon as we'd unloaded the car she had the TV on to catch up on the hours and hours of crap she's recorded during our week away.)

Ah, well, work tomorrow. Back into the routine. Not sure I can face getting up at a quarter-to-six, but the taxman calls...

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