Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Making Amends

After an all-round shitty day yesterday, I got home last night to find the house in darkness and a note left on the front door. (Unfortunately because it was dark, I couldn't read the note, but we'll gloss over that!)

Anyway, the door was unlocked so I went inside, and when I reached the lounge I was greeted by a cry of "Surprise", and Alice flicked on the christmas tree lights. Clearly, she'd been working hard since coming home from school on decorating the tree, and to her credit it looked beautiful.

I then got to read the note, which basically said she was sorry about all the grief she'd given me over her homework. Even better than that, however, we sat down and actually finished the homework. In just 10 minutes, and given a little help she was able to work out the right answers. I'm not sure she understands everything fully, but the barrier we had on Sunday had definitely lifted.

At the clients yesterday I spent the day working on a single, trivial problem for them. I must have spent over 95% of the time setting things up so that I could actually see the problem - thoroughly demoralising since it was extremely fiddly to find, even moreso because things had to happen in a certain order and if I forgot to do something it'd all fall down and I'd have to start again. I hate computers. In the end of course, the change I had to make to their system was trivial, but I was far from happy at the overcomplexity of it all.

I suppose after yesterday's blog entry, yesterday was never going to be a brilliant day, but after the day at the client's too (it is seldom exciting there but I am generally able to close my eyes and think of the mortgage!), I was pretty down.

I'm looking forward very much to the weekend, we're meeting up with just about the oldest friend that I keep in regular touch with. I met Isa in 1993, I think, when we shared digs in Oxford, and of course since then we have both gone and done the career and family things, etc., and generally gone down our separate paths. It'll be good to catch up since I haven't seen her now for over a year, and of course it is close to christmas so the kids will all be excited.

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