Thursday, 12 February 2009


Haven't written for a while, but this is mainly because of spending a couple of hours every day getting everything sorted on Flickr. Unbelievable - by the time Ii had uploaded everything there were almost 5200 images. This was a mighty task in itself, especially given the flakiness of the Flickr Uploader program. But now comes the really difficult bit - going through each photograph and working out a title for it, tags etc.

As things stand I am just under halfway through this - about 2800 photos to go, which is pretty good but believe me, it definitely feels like I'm putting lots of effort in!

On to other matters, I am still working as much as I can, and it is all going to the taxman. But I have at least paid one of the big bills. Didn't help last week when we had quite severe snowfalls. I had to take a day away from the client's (which admittedly I spent very productively making a snowman with Alice) but of course I am unable to bill for this time, therefore it'll take one more day to pay off HMRC.

Someone hit my car at Salisbury station. Fortunately I was in it and saw everything, and was not injured. Basically the woman admitted liability straight away, which will make life easier, but it really does expose the whole car insurance business for the racket that it is.

For starters, reporting the crash involved talking through the crash in detail no less than three times, plus a further written version. Then, the seemingly light damage to my car - a light, wing and bumper - will come to approximately £5000 to sort. Above all that, because of the damage to my light, my car was deemed unroadworthy, so a loan car was involved. Now as far as I can tell the act of getting the car to me involved no less than four companies, plus involved my taking out a credit agreement in the process. Can you fathom? And at the end of it all I ended up with a car whose windscreen wipers don't work properly, and which will ultimately be billed to this woman's insurance company at the princely sum of £330 per day - approximately £20 per mile that I travel during a normal day.

Now, I reckon I'll have the car for three weeks or so in total, so there's another £7000 onto the cost of the accident. And I won't go into details of the phone calls from the personal injury lawyers, clearly going into plapatations at the prospect of someone actually admitting liability for once. (But I will say that I sent them away with a flea in their ear!)

In all of this, and I have been told several times how, if the shoe were on the other foot, this woman would claim everything she possibly could against me, I can't help being disgusted at how a simple car park prang can turn into a gravy train for so many people.

I tell you, for all the talk of recession there's easy money to be made if you know where to look!

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