Wednesday, 22 April 2009

No news

Okay, I know I'm no good at blogging, so I've got to force myself...

Life has been work, work, work. Even the recent Easter break was tainted because I caught a cold just beforehand (something from which I still haven't recovered two weeks later) so I spent the four-day break mainly sitting on the sofa, coughing.

Despite my catching a cold, the weather in general has become warmer and everything in the garden is going full steam ahead. Ironically Jacqueline has been the more active of us, planting some hanging baskets and generally tackling brambles. Fortunately I put so much effort in last year cutting back the big stuff that the thing I really need to get on top of this year are the weeds.

Alice and I went to visit my mum for the weekend, unfortunately my mum is quite poorly and needs to go into hospital shortly for an operation. She's been generally healthy throughout her life (despite what she says) so I think the prospect has knocked her for six. I can't help wondering whether I will end up visiting more often, but running my own business makes this a problem as this year in particular it looks like I need every penny I can lay my hands on. Up there, we took the opportunity to visit my dad, which always depresses me. His quality of life is really shitty, his brain has long since packed up and he's just idling his time now in a home until his body follows suit. His expression can be almost "pleading" at times, it is very sad to see. We also visited my grandmother - Alice's great-grandma - who will be 96 this year. She's a lot deafer than I remember from last time, so communication was difficult. Fortunately, she does appear to have most of her brain in good working order, though she seems to spend her days sitting in a chair watching TV.

One other feature of our brief trip was Alice's first - and most probably last - visit to Goodison. They did us proud on the day, beating Wigan 4-0, Alice absolutely loved it. Of course for her, it was the first time she had been amongst 40,000 other people at an event. It is also worth noting that last weekend they turned Man Utd over in the FA Cup semi. They're getting unbelievable press following this win, but of course they haven't won the thing just yet.

On the work side, things are very dull but I'm that much closer to paying the mortgage off. In the current climate, the critical thing is to keep earning and everything else really pales into insignificance. I am keeping an eye on the job boards but it is all very quiet - I had trouble enough finding interesting roles when times were good, so even less chance at the moment.

At the office, I finally got my act together and brought a new server into commission - it has been sitting there for I think 18 months waiting for me to do something. So now the office has a domain once again. Ironically, just five minutes surfing the web was enough for me to overcome the stumbling blocks which had earlier convinced me to give up. Swings and roundabouts, though - Alice's PC decided to go bang the day after I got the domain sorted. It looks pretty terminal, plus it was five or so years old, so I've spent the last couple of days scouring eBay for something new. Its all bought now, coming in at just over £200 for a machine that is pretty top-of-the-range.

Must cut this one short as I have to be somewhere. Hopefully it won't be as long until the next entry.

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