Monday, 22 June 2009

Aching Limbs

Beautiful weather again today. We have great weather Friday and Monday, but poor weather Saturday and Sunday, what's the game?
In fairness, I suppose, the weather wasn't poor over the weekend, just pretty cloudy. We did have a short downpour Saturday, but it wasn't enough to prevent me mowing the lawn (which is looking pretty good this year, by the way), or from Alice and I taking a lovely sunset stroll down by the river. While we were there we watched some terns fishing for their supper, flying over the river then just plummeting in when they saw a fish. Plus, of course, there are many swans on the Avon and they certainly make their presence felt.

Downton Sunset

Yesterday we had a Fathers Day treat of going canoeing down on the Beaulieu River. I suppose it was good in a way that we didn't get loads of full-on sun, as it was the conditions were ideal and we were out on the water for two-and-a-half hours, by which time I was well and truly knackered, and starting to get frustrated because the canoe wouldn't go where I wanted it to go (and because I was the only one who was paddling, though jacqueline will dispute this!) But still, an excellent time nonetheless, I love that kind of thing. Life just slows right down, and we were able to see plenty of birds, mostly black-headed gulls but also swans, geese, oystercatchers, lapwings and a heron. The water was also teeming with small jellyfish. Alice was most indignant because she spotted them before anyone else, and I pooh-poohed her, telling her that jellyfish were only found in the sea. So what do I know?

Keeping Fit

After canoeing we took the easy route to Bucklers Hard (i.e. we drove!) and took a chilled-out afternoon tea in the hotel there. An excellent way to rebuild our strength! Very weary, we took a short stroll before Jaqcueline chauffeur'd us home (accompanied by the sound of Alice and I snoring away!)

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