Tuesday, 14 July 2009


A brief update. Been following the Tour de France, as I do religiously at this time of year. They are climbing Mont Ventoux this year and I always promised myself I'd go, but unfortunately the money isn't there...

Good to see Lance Armstrong back in the mix, fascinating to follow him on Twitter also. I'm still making my mind up about Twitter.

Been active a little myself. Off the back of Wimbledon I bought cheap raquets for Alice and I, and we had a knock-about in the village sports centre last Sunday. It is another experiment, really, it would be great if Alice could take up a sport and become good at it, and become fit with it. But right now....put it like this - I don't remember as a kid ever being unable simply to hit a ball! We'll see.

Also at the weekend, Alice and I visited the Salisbury Show. The weather was drizzly, and the show itself was sufficiently small that it was pretty much a waste of time. Still, lots of father-daughter bonding going on!

Since the last update I've also done a little in the garden, and we had a very pleasant day out in Portsmouth for Jacqueline's birthday. She went to Gunwharf Quays, Alice and I went on one of the harbour tours, which was pretty good. We met up for a nice meal in one of the restaurants there, and ended the day with a short drive over to Southsea and a walk on the beach. As always, parking in Portsmouth was a nightmare, this puts us off going more than once or twice a year.

What else? Nothing much, really. Been working every weekday and have now caught up with my taxes. I just have a smallish bill at the end of this month, plus a big bill in October, I should be there-or-thereabouts with that one. The name of the game will be to pay the January 2010 bill pretty much on time, if I can do this I'm hopeful the worst will be over. 

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