Monday, 21 September 2009

In the garden

Had an almighty row with Jacqueline on Saturday morning, it just blew up out of nothing but spoilt the whole day, most of which I spent bedding the garden down for the winter.

Lots of chopping. I'd even hired a chainsaw for the weekend in order to do most of the "tough" branches, but in the event this packed up after not very long. So, £75 out of pocket, I ended up having to use my trusty old hand saw instead. But I really wanted to use the chainsaw to have a go at one of the trees in the front, and of course that never got done.

In the event, I had to stop at the back garden, because I simply ran out of space to pack away the cuttings. So in the front garden and the outside (not much really, mainly trimming hedges, although there is this tree...) everything gets to live another week at least.

By Sunday lunch, Jacqueline and I were on speaking terms once again, and she helped me tidy the garden a little.

All in all, one of those weekends which aren't particularly interesting, but which nevertheless need to happen once of twice a year.

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