Monday, 28 September 2009

Weekly Update

Busy weekend in the garden, the front looks really good now and everything is pretty much bedded in for the winter. I did the back last weekend. I'd hired a chainsaw for the occasion it was an unmitigated disaster. Cost me £75 and got something like a half an hour use of it. The blade stopped working and nobody had explained to me (or given me any documentation to say) that this was just a safety cut-out and I could get the thing working again just by flicking some switch on the unit.

Maybe it was just me being an idiot, I should have known, but at the end of day I am the one out of pocket with nothing to show for it. So, Romwy Garden Machinery, you'll understand I'm sure if I go elsewhere to get my stuff serviced from now on.

Anyway....suffice to say I managed without the saw, I have a little hand-held jobbie that did the job well, and the garden is now looking really good.

Aside from this, I had planned Sunday to go down to the Purbecks and take some sunset photos, but obviously did the garden instead. This was partially due to Alice helpfully using all the hot water - it was about 2:30pm before I managed to have a shower yesterday - smelly! But on the plus side I did get the VAT return done, which is a chore out of the way. It'll actually get to them early this quarter.

I've not done much photography lately, but in the mornings at the moment I'm leaving home just before sunrise. So on Friday I went out at the usual time but instead of going directly to the station, stopped off by the river at Charlton-all-Saints. Watched the sun come up and took a couple of photographs along the way. I could have done with staying another ten minutes or so to get some better photos, but didn't want to miss the late train.

Downloaded some music at the weekend - I had to go to Amazon to buy it - some of the punk stuff I listened to as a student. Did you ever hear of Crass?

Oh, and did I mention I'm now riding an old bike between the station and the client's? Have been now for a month. Good exercise, and at certain times a lovely ride. I'm often cycling past Big Ben, for example, as it strikes nine o'clock. I save £80 per month on my travelcard by not including the underground on the ticket, and although I bought myself an Oyster I have yet to use it. Four weeks having been nowhere near the tube is excellent!

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