Thursday, 29 October 2009

Sad News

Do you ever have times when you hear something, some "news", that makes you really quite sad? Even though the "news" involved may be far from recent?

I remember getting that feeling several years ago when I googled (or whatever the technology was in those days) Jon Pertwee, only to find out that he'd died of a heart attack a few years earlier while on holiday in New York. I remember Jon Pertwee fondly both for Doctor Who (though he was only my second-favourite doctor, Tom Baker taking that particular prize) and for Worzel Gummidge, a Sunday afternoon childhood memory. Very sad.

Anyway, I digress. Got exactly the same feeling today. I don't know why but I was thinking about films, more specifically about French films, which I like and which I haven't bought for quite a while. I googled my favourite French actor, Michel Serrault, only to find that he died a couple of years ago. Again, it left me feeling really sad. Especially to find out also that he was based in Honfleur, which I know so well.

I'm not sure I should google my next-favourite French actor (Jean Reno), just in case I find something out I don't want to know!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Drawing In

Another blog entry, and so soon after the last. Amazing!

We're now into October and the weather is becoming more autumnal. Throughout the whole of September we had almost no rain - and bear in mind I'm cycling twice a day now so I take note of these things - but yesterday and today there has been rain both days. Not enough to put me off, though, not just yet!

Quiet weekend just gone, Jacqueline is still not 100% and to make matters worse she's passed her cold onto me, so I too am not 100%. So we hardly went out. However we did accomplish a mammoth task - tidying Alice's bedroom - which took eight or nine hours to do properly. We ended up with six full bin liners, but really cleaned the room from top to bottom, wardrobe, toy chests, the lot. Looks a lot better now, but I'm going to have to put my policeman's hat on every week now to make sure it stays tidy. We've been lax in this area before, but really at 10 years old Alice is old enough to take on this responsibility, especially now she has been given a head start.

Still disappointing, though, that she wants to hoard everything. We had started out with the intention of donating little-used toys to the charity shop, but in the end there was no middle ground. Things were either thrown away, or were kept. She can't bear to part with anything, even stuff she hasn't touched for years. Very annoying.

Not a great deal else happening. Finally got a skype account and a little box which enables us to use the existing phone, although to get it working properly I needed some special phone connectors, and the only shop that had exactly what I wanted was based in Hong Kong. So I'll probably have to wait a week or two before everything is wired up properly. The plan is that the cost of this equipment (around £30 all told, plus £10 per quarter for Skype) will pay for itself in reduced phone bills - we'll have to wait and see.

As soon as we get a bright weekend, when I'm feeling Ok, I really want to get down to the Purbecks and take some photographs. I haven't picked the camera up for ages and I'm missing it.

Oh, and last Friday was the twentieth anniversary of my starting work. So I went out to Bodeans for a slap-up lunch, and some people from the current clients came with me. Great food once again.