Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Getting Fitter

Well we're into November and the weather has certainly turned. Been quite windy and stormy, and getting cooler though no frost yet.

Despite this, however, I have kept on cycling to and from the clients, two months now, and am starting to see and feel the benefits. I weighed myself before I started cycling - a massive shock at 15st, all the more reason for doing something! A month later the family were saying I was looking more toned, but I hadn't registered any real weight loss. However I weighed myself last night and found that my weight had dropped to 14st9. Of course by now I had realised that good things are happening anyway, since my clothes are looser and I can tighten my belt a further notch. But now I know I'm losing about 1lb per week. This is great news, especially since I'm only really cycling 25 minutes per day, and haven't really been eating anything different/less.

Funny thing though, some days are definitely better than others. Yesterday I felt really good, loads of energy, pushed myself and still felt like going around the block a couple of times. This morning a little more restrained, although I still pushed myself - when I feel my thighs starting to hurt I know that good stuff is happening to me!

Alice hasn't been well the last four or five days, not really ill, but definitely under the weather. When I got home last night she'd already been crashed out on the lounge floor for an hour, where she stayed the rest of the evenng until we helped her get into bed. And this from a child who, more often than not, is still lying awake at 11 o'clock at night.

Went to see fireworks down in Bournemouth last Saturday. The weather wasn't brilliant, but the display was good. Took the camera and the tripod, got a couple of shots but nothing particularly special.

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