Saturday, 20 November 2010

An explanation....

Six months ago I managed to squeeze out a blog entry from my dying web server, and it turned out to be the last.

As someone who works in IT, I took the decision way back in 2002 to host my web site on my own web server, and followed this up in 2003 with a self-authored blogging application. Well, several years later, the blogging app still worked well, but the server was on its knees. Unfortunately over the years my enthusiasm for anything technical has now waned somewhat, and it has taken me this long to start to do something about it.

Originally, I thought I would just replace the server, and indeed a twin-processor blade server sits idle in my garage, where it has been for several months. My motivation is so low that I've now concluded that the only way to get my stuff up and running once again is to pay someone else to host my site. This is great for the web site, but the blogging application seems to be sufficiently complicated that my basic hosting service can't support it.

So, another decision, to move the blog onto And here's the result. Over the coming weeks and months I'll gradually populate my back-catalogue of blog entries, but over the 7 years I've been blogging, this amounts to over 400 entries. I'm planning on checking each entry to make sure it looks ok on within the environment, so this is going to take some time.

So, when you hear me talk about server problems, blog problems, etc. in posts which pre-date this, I'm probably talking about all my old kit which is now, alas, defunct.

On the plus side, fewer servers make wifey happy!

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