Monday, 22 November 2010

First of the year!

Well, in the following entries you'll be able to read about all the woes I've had with my web server, and as a result, with my ability to blog. Consequently, this is the first proper blog, I think, of 2010.

There's not much point in going over what I didn't write about, but I'll try to add detail where it may be necessary.

The weekend was rather quiet, although Alice is giving us jip at the moment. Saturday morning we went into Salisbury, Alice to her tutors, Jacqueline and I into town for a coffee. It remains really nice just to have some "us-time". The only thing is, we've both got new phones at the moment (I got a Samsung Galaxy, and am majorly impressed after upgrading from my painful old Windows Mobile device) so probably spent most of coffee playing on our respective toys.

I'm totally new to Android but am impressed with the applications available for it. I'm a fan of Ordnance Survey mapping software called Memory Map, and at the weekend I even found an application which will read their maps on my new phone. To be honest, it was being able to use Memory Map which made me keep my Windows phone for so long. Ah......gadgets!

The new phone has come in useful, though. I went out on a short bike ride yesterday [I should probably explain that back in June I got myself a Trek road bike which I adore more than my family. During the summer I went out riding at every opportunity, mostly in the New Forest, and even managed to crash at the end of August and break my collar bone, although obviously I'm all better now], along a route I'd never ridden before, took a wrong turn, and used Google Maps to get me back on track. Brilliant.

Another gadget of mine is a Garmin cycle computer, whose hi-tekkiness resulted in this output from yesterday's ride. Don'tcha just love technology? The point of this ride was to climb Dean Hill, which defeated me a month or so ago. This time I climbed it no problem, although I should say that the ride I did a month ago was far longer and comprised several climbs before Dean Hill. But now I've done it once, there's no further excuse!

What else? Well, Saturday afternoon I went out to the local Garden Centre and spent a whopping £38 on stuff for the garden birds over the winter. This included a massive tub of peanuts, a couple new feeders (the ones I've used for the last few years were on their way out) plus a couple of new nest boxes which I need to hang out at some point. I have to say that the garden looks something of a mess, though, since because of my collar bone I never got any important gardening done - where I would normally clear stuff, I spent September just gone in a sling.

Of course, the other major activity this weekend was launching this blog. Transporting my old entries across has proven to be quite labour-intensive, I'm having to go through every one of the old posts and am actively having to correct things like web links. Of 419 entries to start, I'm now down to around 325 to go, I think. Going back in time (my first blog entry appeared in November 2003), this equates to going back as far as mid-2007. But because of the intensiveness, I can only really import 25 entries per session, say, so I think it'll be a few weeks before all is sorted. On the plus-side, though, last week I moved my broken web site to new, hosted, hardware, and everything apart from the blog has gone extremely smoothly.

One last thing. Yesterday's ride was also used to try out some new winter kit from Assos - some gloves and some bib tights. Very expensive kit, but sooooooooooo good. I was lucky enough to get the bib tights off eBay (even on eBay they cost £150!), but I had to buy the gloves from a bike shop. What can I say? This stuff is just the best. Off the back of the ride last night I bought a couple of pairs of Assos winter socks, and am going to ask Father Christmas for a Body Insulator top. Superb kit.

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