Saturday, 27 November 2010

White World

Britain has been gripped over the last few days by a cold snap, lots of regions have had snow and even where we live, normally missing the worst of the weather, there was a smattering of snow last night. I had to drive home in it though, and it was very light - a fraction of a centimetre as opposed to the tens of centimetres that fell elsewhere.

Light snow as seen from our webcam

But it remains very cold - I keep a bike at Waterloo and commute across London on it is hard work at the moment. I don't think I'll be taking the road bike out this weekend.....though I may ride it on the trainer in the lounge.

Work-wise, if you've read other entries in the blog you'll know that I run my own consultancy company, more something I just "do" these days rather than enjoy. I have a decision to make this weekend, for my current clients have offered to extend their contract for another year. I can think of many, many reasons not to do so, but it provides an easy route to generating income for the company, and untimately to me paying the mortgage.

So its a big step to walk, although I have a very good technical skillset and the market is quite buoyant at the moment. My instincts tell me that I am well-placed.

Well, its eight o'clock on a Saturday, and we have no particular plans for the weekend. Jacqueline mentioned visiting Blaskford Lakes if the weather is bright - although the hides there will be cold. Alice meantime has decamped to the sofa where she is watching Spongebob Squarepants - an eleven-year-old. But I am beyond worry, Alice continually makes it clear that when she grows up, the world will owe her a living.

Generally fed up.

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