Monday, 6 December 2010

Back to normal

Well after the weekend's excitement (our first visit to France for two years) it was back to normal, and to London, and to the client's, and to work today.

In Rennes on Saturday I did look at getting another pair of "jeansy" type trousers (only have one pair of jeans) but I didn't look too seriously because I was damp and didn't feel like all the "trying on" nonsense. Plus, I didn't see anything sufficiently likeable.

So I made up for it with a stroll from the client's (in St James's) up to M&S at Marble Arch. This is their flagship store so I figured if I was going to find anything, this was my best chance.

Anyway, lo and behold I did see some really nice looking pants (although Jacqueline will be the final arbiter of "nice"!), cut like jeans but made of moleskin rather than denim. Lovely and soft, warm too. So I picked up a couple of pairs.

Best thing was that when I tried them on, I could quite happily get into a 34", I have not been that small for several years. This cycling mularchy really has done wonders. And although I can feel things like ribs again, I can feel a fair amount of flab too so I know I'll get leaner still over time. Excellent!

Part of my route today took me through Grosvenor Square, and I couldn't help noticing just how ugly a building the US embassy was. A real concrete monstrousity. An huge eagle sits at the top-centre (clearly the symbol for freedom, lest we should mistakenly think that this was the embassy of the world's biggest bully), and one can't help but think that if we were to replace the eagle with a hammer and sickle, the building would be at home in Brezhnev's Soviet Union. Especially on a bleak, wintry day like today. Kind of ironic, or at least I thought so.

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