Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Back to Work

hey, ho, back to work today. Thought it might be a struggle to get up but surprisingly not the case. Even had quite a productive morning.

Yesterday I didn't manage a ride, except on the turbo at home. It was very, very tempting to get out for the first time in a few weeks, but it was misty and rainy all day and I just ended up thinking "this would be dumb". So, I stayed home and instead watched a French movie while I cycled.

I was, however, the dutiful dad and took Alice and her friend Fraya up to Sandy Balls to do a bit of ice skating. Its obviously a long time since Alice went skating, and she seemed to have forgotten anything she ever knew. But Fraya was even worse! Still, they both seemed to have fun and by the end of the session Alice, at least, ventured away from the side wall. Scary to see them both dressed up to the nines in Jack Wills clobber - a right pair of budding scallies.

Interesting to see Fraya, she's obviously a bit more mature than Alice and is very much into "boys", even scoped some at the skating rink. So in many respects this could be the shape of things to come!

Yesterday evening went out for a curry - the Shere Khan at Redlynch - absolutely delicious, they always do us proud.

This morning I was greeted by both of the packages that didn't arrive in time for christmas. At least the razor, which was a christmas/birthday present from Jac, arrived in time for my birthday......which is today!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.....

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